christmas at oak grove

January 14, 2015

If there is one time of year that can make our new house feel more like a home, it's defiantly the Christmas season. Every mantle was draped with fresh greens and white twinkle lights, making the house smell like a Christmas tree lot. Our nights were dimly lit with strands of lights and a blazing fireplace. Counting down our advent progressed by unwrapping a holiday book each night to read with Cecilia. This season was all about making new traditions and continuing old ones. Our first Christmas Oak Grove will always be an extra memorable one. Hope you enjoyed your holiday season  too!

catching up

This post is difficult to write because I have no idea where to start. It's been a long time since I paid any attention to OMS and I've missed this space emensly. I think the hardest part about loosing touch with this blog, and people I call close internet pals, is sharing all the special moments my family experienced last year. While the months were exhausting and trying, an emotional roller coaster to say the least, they were bittersweet...filled with good byes, hellos and a new start. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed with my pregnancy and house hunting while raising a 1 1/2 year old I couldn't fathom spending my extra time with another project. With that said, I missed blogging terribly and a bit disappointed I let this part of me go. But this is what happens.  We prioritize and we all know how putting our babies first lends itself to putting ourselves second.

I desperately wanted to find balance between my family, home and personal time with OMS. Each time I made an attempt it seemed that something else suffered. That little voice in my head said, "stop, your babies are this age for only so long".  "Pay attention to the little moments." "Stop doing the dishes, your daughter is asking you to color." "Your little man is already three months old, where did time go?" You know, all the usual gilt ridden mind games mamas love to play with themselves.  Then reality hit. Stop the guilt train. There is no such thing as balance. Your house will be a mess for the next 20 years. Pick up the camera...take a photograph. Live in the moment. 

I hope reconnecting with OMS will encourage and remind to do all capture our simple, but sweet moments. I want share this new life of ours with you all...bits of my home, new recipes, and special moments with my family. My hope is OMS will inspire you once again. :) Here's to many moe future posts...

p.s. a quick re-cap of the year...

We welcomed our son, Jonathan Michael II, whom we call Jonny. He really is the best baby...always with a smile on his face and the sweetest laugh a little one could have. He's my little man. Our house hunt found us at a piece of property we could not get out of our heads. It is our dream home...a sprawling 185 acres and house built in 1825 brimming with character and "old home" quirks. We've lived here six months now and each month I find our new life slowly unfolding, introducing a new rhythm with each season.


December 10, 2014

So much to share, so much to be excited about. My little family has a new addition and we planted new roots. Many more photos to come and a chat on the direction of OMS. 

cecilia at 18 months

April 8, 2014

There she is...all 18 months of her. I have a hard time believing we've reached this age already. I want nothing more than to bottle up these moments. 


While most of you are posting images of cherry blossoms and green grass, here in NY we're still dealing with what I hope is the last bits of winter. The images above were taken only last week, after being slammed with inches and inches of snow. While the weekend brought warmer weather and sunshine, I have a sneaky suspicion winter may say one last hello. Until Spring is here to stay, I live amongst hyacinths indoors and ice on the windows. 

friday favorites

February 28, 2014

Thank you all for the well wishes and emails I received this week! It's thrilling to know many big changes are in the works for my little family as well as happily exhausting. I plan nothing but relaxation this weekend...something of a foreign concept lately. I hope you all have a great weekend and see you all next week. 

1 | Artifact Uprising wrote a piece on the monthly photo books I made for Cecilia. I'm so honored to be mentioned by a company I admire so.
2 | My cravings have taken over and I want someone to make me these. 
3 | I'm learning the basics of knitting and once I get the hang of it, I'm making these beauties. 
4 | Speaking of knitting, these are too adorable. 
5 | Bread. 
6 | Tips on double exposure.
7 | Inspiration for my next bedroom. 
8 | Jon bought  me a subscription to Not Another Bill for Christmas. I received this beauty as my first gift. 

indie shopping

February 26, 2014

A few more picks from that ever growing Etsy wish list of mine.


February 25, 2014

Obviously, its nothing but crickets around here for a couple months, but with good reason. This July we're welcoming our second child, a little boy, into our family. Joy and excitement are complete understatements when we think how our family is growing. And should I mention a bit overwhelmed? Not only are we preparing for his arrival, but we're in the middle of a house hunt. Call me crazy, but I'm sure it's the pregnancy hormones that have my nesting instinct in full force. With all these big changes happening at once, I can't wait to have a sense of calm knowing our family is together living under the same roof well into retirement. I'm looking forward to building new memories in our future home with not only our kids, but hopefully someday our grandchildern. Now that I'm half way through my pregnancy, I feel great and filled with energy to take on the challenge...that is until the sleepiness nights begin once he's here. ;0)

But first things first, we need to find the house and he needs to grow big and strong in my belly. Until then, we will be seeing more of each other in space for sure! It's good to be back at it!

Christmas Tree Hunt

December 5, 2013

It was another magical tree hunt this year with branches covered in snow. Although it was difficult walking through almost a 1 1/2 feet of snow, it's hard not to picture this tradition without it. What traditions do you have this holiday season?