Friday Favorites

November 8, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm dropping in and sending you off with some favorites from around the web this week. My fingers are crossed I have a moment or two to test a diy I'm itching to share with you. It involves a gorgeous wood stamp I purchased in London last September and I sure hope to show you all pics by next week. See you all Monday!

1 | My love for Artifact Uprising just grew a bit larger after seeing this new product. Also, did you hear about the new app arriving any day now?
2 | Alice Gao knows coffee.
3 | Sweet diy for the munchkins.
4 | And a diy for you.
5 | Jon and I made a quick trip to Toronto last weekend and I'm a bit bummed I didn't make it to this store. Toronto mamas, have you been? Worth a stop next time?
6 | Table top inspiration.
7 | A cute skirt for your little lady...and it's under $9!
8 | Must make. Must eat.


  1. Oh! You were near T.O.? Would have love to have met you! I'm about an hour away. Just neat to think you were in Ontario for a bit! lol. (Hopefully that doesn't come off as creepy in a blog comment, LOL)

    1. Daniella, not creepy at all! I was only in Toronto on Saturday with Jon to see Les Mis...not a lot of time. Next time for sure! We try to make a trip or two a year. i'm only about 3 hours away and it's such an easy drive (except for that darn border crossing).

  2. Ah yes! My husband just went to the states today for a few things. Seems so quick until you get to the border! lol. Next time though!